CCPE13 Musings with modern day mystic Rodasi Campbell

Rodasi Campbell is our guest on this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast!  Please note that there is some sound interference that could not be cleaned up so don’t have your volume on too high.

Rodasi is an international teacher + speaker based out of Traverse City, MI. She is a Meditation + Yoga & Women’s Spirituality Teacher, a Spirituality Mentor & Leads the Rock Your Mind Meditation Programs.

I had to have her on the podcast because she is a modern day priestest with a world changing vision and it all starts with CONSCIOUSNESS!!

She teaches for the International meditation organization known as The Bright Path, which teaches a specific meditative technique known as the Ishayas’ Ascension practice. Rodasi has trained hundreds of individuals, business teams & non-profit organizations. She has led thousands of classes & workshops and has also been a guest teacher and co-facilitator at a dozen retreats. Rodasi has given experiential talks to women’s groups, special needs children, foster kids, in treatment centers and beyond.

Rodasis’ VISION is of a world where Humanity lives in the very alive, personal experience that Peace is our fundamental Nature – where humans are able to live in a state of freedom, joy, passionate aliveness & grace- effortlessly. IMAGINE if we were ALL taught meditation, mindfulness, etc… as a part of our core curriculum through primary & secondary education! It’s not only Rodasi’s Vision- it’s her MISSION to empower as many people as possible to share these tools with as many other people as possible…and on…and on…shaping the kind of world we all know is possible in our heart of hearts.

Speaking of the next generation…Rodasi is also the proud Mama of two beautiful daughters and a privileged active member in the recovery community.