CCPE07 How to stop limiting beliefs and turn them around

You know how one day you can be feeling confident, secure in knowing where you are headed and basically on top of the world and then the very next day you lose it all?  You have self doubt, think about giving up and want to hide under the blankets and eat some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?

I call that falling off your Unicorn!  It happens to every single one of us.

How does this happen and how can we stay on our Unicorns?

It all starts with your thoughts.

Let me explain how our brain cells work.  They are all intertwined, all connected.  One tiny thought can lead to an avalanche of mind chatter.  You see, our thoughts, once repetitive, become beliefs.  Crazy, right?

Essentially your thoughts aren’t even made up by you.  If they were you would be able to tell me what you will be thinking about in 5 minutes from now.  Our thoughts, in fact, are knee jerk reactions to previous stimuli.

Let me explain.  If I say the word “balloon” most of you will immediately have a memory of what balloons mean to you.  Some of you will remember a terrifying childhood memory of having one pop in your face.  Some of you will have the opposite thought of pleasure and joy.  Regardless, that one word triggered you and you will actually have an emotional response in your body and the mind will run with the story, “memory”.

Again, a repetitive thought becomes a belief.  A belief leads to action.  Action leads to life creation.   For example you may steer clear of birthday parties because of that underlying fear of the balloons.

In retrospect, you may be creating your life based on random synapses, aka autopilot based on beliefs you have unknowingly created.

I don’t know about you but I want to be in charge of how I’m creating my life and the best way is to learn to stay on your Unicorn!

Tune in and gain the tools to tackle those down days, or even moments, and stay on your Unicorn.

I will share what triggers us into falling off our Unicorns and you will learn the exact methods that I use to stop limiting beliefs in their tracks and shift your energy to be more positive so that you can create the life you really want!