CCPE06 Emotional Body Awakening with Johnine Barlow

You guys are in for a real treat in this episode with Johnine Barlow.  Her energy is infectious and her accent always is a delight.  We met over Periscope believe it or not and ended up working together through a business development course I had at the time.  I remember all too well the 12-week course and speaking to her over Zoom (a video call application) and me comparing the winter weather here in Traverse City, Michigan to her lovely Summer weather across the globe.  I truly love the ability to work with anyone on this planet, not to mention Spirit and other dimensions.

Johnine Barlow was born in Albany, Western Australia and currently lives in Rural Western Australia with her 3 beautiful boys.

She shares with us how to connect with our emotional body and heal trauma which allows us to be able to tap into our gifts.  Johnine shares her story of her first experiences with the spirit realm, and her kundalini awakening and how that led her to be the gifted medium she is today.

This episode goes into your higher soul, kundalini awakening, breath work and much more!

Johnine’s passion of Meditation, understanding awareness, Mindfulness, prompted her to become Certified IMTTA Meditation Teacher & Holistic Counselor plus a Mindfulness Teacher for children. This gave her the grounds to take her teaching out to the public and private sittings including facilitating Mindfulness for children after school programs; an amazing rewarding experience!

Johnine designs and facilitates empowering development workshops filtering in guidance by her spirit team on the understanding of meditation, connecting to spirit, energy, consciousness, stillness, awareness, sensitivity, art of surrender and your soul.

Johnine has many passions and currently sees clients for Mediumship and Life Readings which have been a lifelong gift that she intentionally opened herself more strongly to since 2008.

You can connect with her on her site