CCPE05 How to protect yourself and your environment from negative energy

When I first developed into being a psychic medium I did NOT want to talk to dead people and I actually referred to myself as being a “scared medium” because it was all so new to me and I did NOT want to experience anything dark.
Fast forward and now I laugh at myself because at the time I didn’t know how powerful we all are and that we are the boss of our human experience.

I have countless people reach out to me with not so love and light experiences and because of that I have several resources on my website’s consulting tab, blog, this podcast episode and also on my YouTube Channel.  Why?  Because ain’t nobody got time for “creepers”.  Not only do I offer this information I now teach my students how to do stay protected while they develop their intuition and mediumship in my online courses.

Keep in mind that even screaming children or a tiff with your spouse can simply disrupt the positive vibes in the house which will affect your mood which in turn affects your behavior, etc.

In this episode I share the various symptoms of having negative energy or lower level entities in your environment.  I talk about energy and how it can shift and the tools and steps to do different cleansings.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to do a house blessing or house cleansing as well as how to keep your energy field high vibing!

Grab your journal and take notes and please share with anyone who my need these valuable tools.

Keep shining your light and be aware for if the energy around you needs to be shifted back into the lighter side.
8 C