CCPE04 Anchoring the Light

Once you listen to this episode you are going to want to connect with Reverend Dr. Sharon Elizabeth of the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light because this woman is an amazing Lightworker who is passionate about anchoring the light onto our planet.

I’m pretty sure we could have talked for hours and she will definitely be back as a guest because her knowledge knows no bounds.  Listen in as Rev. Dr. Sharon Elizabeth shares about beings of light from Angels, Pleiadians (extraterrestrials), her experience with crop circles, and much more!

Rev. Dr. Sharon-Elizabeth James has been on a conscious spiritual path from the very beginnings of her life. When she was 2-1/2 years old, she experienced Cosmic Consciousness. This was the seed that was planted in her young mind those many years ago that has flowered full bloom in her life today. She has always been aware of the invisible realms that are part of and integrated with our life here on earth.

She lectures on The New Paradigms of the 21st Century and is a featured guest on various TV and radio shows. Starting July 16, 2007, she was telepathically impressed by Celestial Beings of Light to start and facilitate the Anchoring Light Meditation which has been held every Monday evening without fail to the present date to assist in our Planetary Ascension. She also is founder of Anchoring Light Sacred Journeys which provides Sacred Journeys which have a clear mission and purpose to Sacred Locations around the planet. She has led Sacred Journeys to Lake Titicaca, Peru and Puma Punku, Bolivia. Rev. Dr. Sharon-Elizabeth has a conscious relationship with Enlightened Star Beings and the Ascended Masters who are assisting humanity to enter a Golden Age of enlightenment and empowerment.

The Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light embraces the New Paradigms of our Awakening Consciousness, and serves Sarasota and Manatee Counties and the world through healing, education and enlightenment. The Center offers Sunday services, weekly classes, meditations and special events that are educational, uplifting and transformational for spiritual seekers. Whether you are starting your journey or well along that path — join others who share the journey and the vision — as we welcome you to this special place.

Great spiritual teachers have given uplifting talks at our center. These include internationally renown Jorge Luis Delgado and William Henry (featured on the History Channel’s Ancient Alien Series) Saryon Michael White (The School of Manifestation), Elliott Eli Jackson (Sedona Journal of Emergence) Willaru, Bart Smyth, Abdy Electriciteh, Leela Hutchison, Cristo Bowers, David Winfree and Master Kuo (on Tao teaching)..

Find out more about her and join her live on her center’s Facebook on Mondays for her weekly anchoring the light group meditation.   You can also connect with her on her website at